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The Da Vinci Code video game is based on the film of the same name
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The Da Vinci Code video game is based on Columbia Pictures film, inspired by the acclaimed novel by Dan Brown. The game puts players to "uncover the code", and this combines elements of adventure and puzzle with a script full of twists and surprises.

The pattern of the game is the same as the one of the novel. Thus, we find the story of Robert Langdon, an American expert on symbology, whose presence in the Louvre museum of Paris is necessary because of a murder. The victim, before dying, wrote the name of the protagonist, that is why his presence was required, and therefore he is also the prime suspect as a possible perpetrator of the murder.

Sophie Neveu, an expert in cryptogram and the victim's granddaughter, helps Langdon to escape the Louvre before he is locked up, and together, they will investigate the clues that her grandfather left, trying to clarify the reasons for his death. The discoveries will bear no more and no less than a quest for the Holy Grail in which they will face the church that wants to hide information and facts concerning the case.

In this way, you will deal with the fundamental pillar of the novel: solving the offered mysteries to move forward. There are also high doses of action to be enjoyed, so Langdon and his partner will have to deal with the police, escape in persecutions and be careful in various aspects on the path they are following.

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